Leach tank setup for concentrates

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Leach tank setup for concentrates

Postby oro-del-sur » March 19th, 2013, 10:30 am

I am in need of a design concept for a tank system to leach up to 25 gallons of concentrated ore - as well as "best practice" techniques concerning the process handling issues such as pouring/draining, rinsing filtering etc. A functional design basically. Logically the final design depends on specifics of the intended leach process which I will theoretically be able to determine after experimentation with smaller quantities.

First phase - small tank setup to leach up to 5 gallons of concentrate.
Second phase - larger tank setup to leach up to 25 gallons of concentrate.

My assumption is the tank capacity should be at least double of the solid/liquid volume - does that sound about right? 5 gallons of concentrate in a 10 gallon tank...and so on?

My background is free gold recovery using mechanical means, commercial scale mining, mostly alluvial. However, I have less experience with complex ores and almost no experience with leaching methods. My intention is a startup pilot project to prove out the feasibility of recovering values from hard rock mine waste (tailings) - using mechanical separation of high grade values (free gold and silver) for smelting and then leaching for final recovery of lower grade concentrates having complexed values.

A few days ago I posted to the equipment category asking about leach tanks and giving more details of my application. But then I saw that this category is probably more appropriate. That post is here: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=17670

Any advice is appreciated!

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