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Saltwater Cell

Postby Tjnie » February 10th, 2008, 6:47 pm

Hi guys,
I have been doing a lot of reading on this awesome website and planning on a process based on information I have been gathering. In particular the process I have in mind is using saltwater cell (reference to posts by Lazer Steve/Scavanger) to dissolve/strip gold bearing items, then using HCL/Hydrogen peroxide (in crockpot) to dissolve base metals, then HCL/CL to dissolve gold before precipitating with SMB.
I plan to use un-iodized household salt as electrolyte in a divided cell – semi permeable membrane (using a fused silica crucible as anode cell), to save acid. I have done small experiments on saltwater cell (un-iodized household salt) using stainless stell as cathode, hydrogen peroxide as catylist and have noted the following;
1. When gold plated items (anode) are stripped off its plating, the voltage (iam using a 6 & 12 volts manual battery charger) rises to its peak then drops to zero and stops, floating gold flakes visible in anode solution. Am I correct to say that the plated item has been completely stripped of its gold when voltage drops to zero?
2. For some items (9/10K-tested with electronic gold tester) voltage rises to its peak then gradually drops to zero and stops when the item has completely dissolved leaving brown/greenish gunk in anode compartment of cell. For this observation, is it possible for gold to dissolve into the anode solution? What is this brownish/greenish gunk?
3. Is saltwater electrolyte selective for gold or it will just dissolve everything to gunk as in observation 2 above?
Having said all that, would the process (Saltwater cell = HCL/hydrogen peroxide (crockpot)=HCL/CL) work?
Any advise, corrections, or comments please,


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