Have I found Gold?

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Have I found Gold?

Postby shane7227 » January 21st, 2013, 9:08 pm

First, I am completely new to this. I have done a fair share of research over google trying to learn the difference between pyrite, mica, and gold.
I live in a small town in Oklahoma and I have a creek behind my house that is dried up from the droughts we have had. My friend's grandpa has told stories that when they were drilling for oil by our land long ago, that they saw what looked like streaks of gold. Anyways, I decided one day to go out and look for gold with just my naked eye. I started finding several little tiny specs or grains of a shiny gold mineral. I began digging deeper, about 6ft deep, and started hitting quartz and black sand. On the quartz rocks I found streaks and specs of a shiny gold attached to it. I have found quite a bit and took a few pictures to get your opinion on. I do not have anywhere to take it around here to get it tested or looked at. I have played with it with a lighter. When I put a flame to it, it starts to glow a bright red while the quartz does not. And it is not magnetic either. How else can I tell if this is real? Anything I can buy at walmart or locally to test it? Let me know. Thanks





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Re: Have I found Gold?

Postby g_axelsson » January 22nd, 2013, 4:10 am

Some quick tips about mica, pyrite and gold.

- Mica, silicate that forms flat sheets. Used as an isolator in electronics and in larger sheets as windows in ovens. Nowadays mostly replaced by synthetic materials. If you try to crush it, it will break up in thin flakes. Comes in all different colors including pink and golden.

- Pyrite, iron sulphide. When crushed forms a black powder with a green tone to it. Can be scratched with an iron nail and leaves the black powder that you can pick up on your finger. Rub it on some unglazed china (bottom of a cup or an electric fuse) and you will get a black streak.

- Gold, a soft mallable metal, If you hit it gold will not shatter, it will only spread out. Easily scratched with an iron nail. Will leave a yellow trace when rubbed against unglazed china.

That should be enough to let you decide what you have found. To me it looks like pyrite.
If there is gold there you could probably find it by panning when the water returns. If it were up to me, I would find the deepest parts of the creek and recover some material and put it above water level, then when the water returns I would pan that material to see if there is anything in the area.

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