Separation of smallest size scrap breakout diamond melee from CZ

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Separation of smallest size scrap breakout diamond melee from CZ

Post by Viy » October 21st, 2017, 1:34 pm

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About this problem, I found out when developing design of the Device for freezing CZ's without harmful hydrofluoric acid (see my eBay
If I understand correctly, such a problem may arise after the sieving large quantity of diamonds with the smallest size (0.8 to 1 mm) and right now it is solved by separation "frozen" SZ's from diamonds manually. Such tiny diamonds weigh about 0.2 mg each, because of static electricity they stick to walls and tweezers, they are difficult to hold, they "jump", and disappear without a trace. This is an ungrateful manual work requiring attention and stress.
Conceptually, I have already decided the problem of sorting CZ's from tiny diamond melee according to their density. This is a simple desktop Device, where water separates gems (see pic). It works and sorts diamonds from CZ's by 100%.
Right now one-time download of my design is 15-20 ct tiny diamonds of the same size. Is it enough for practice or it’s necessary to scale the device?
In addition, I know nothing about a problem with separation from Zircon (d = 4.7 g/cc) and Moissanite (d = 3.2 g/cc). Does this procedure need for practice?
So, to whom may be interesting the device for separation of diamonds from impurities? Or, maybe the best way is to send the smallest melee e.g. to India?
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Re: Separation of smallest size scrap breakout diamond melee from CZ

Post by grainsofgold » March 23rd, 2019, 11:52 am

Im a jeweler -

HF is the most efficient way to etch or frost CZ- from what I know- HF will not effect sapphire so there is further sorting to be done after-

I have thought about the water column idea as well - but I don't know how easy it would be to dial it in so that it works properly - I even thought about using it on plat metal filings to separate polishing materials from the metal - but never did it-

I think if it were to be an efficient method it would already be out in the market place-

Good luck

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