Illegal Gold Mining: NTR Metals, etc.

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Illegal Gold Mining: NTR Metals, etc.

Post by mwf75 » May 20th, 2019, 6:40 pm

Hi everyone,

Appreciate the warm welcome to Gold Refining Forum. First off, I'm very aware that this is all coming out of left field, but as a documentary filmmaker, sometimes we are forced to explore every obscure avenue possible in order to gain the very best knowledge in order tell the most credible story you've embarked on.

With that said, I am currently in the midst of my latest network documentary revolving around illegal gold mining in Latin America. As I'm sure most of you know, it is no secret that this has been a prevalent issue for several years, particularly with such refineries as NTR, Republic Metals, and many others who've either been prosecuted, rumored, or unmentioned.

My honest goal for this project is not to make a sweeping judgement on these companies based solely on what's been publicly released, but to dissect this story by giving a free platform for anyone directly/indirectly involved who could candidly speak from their POV: whether it's the issue at hand, the overall process of trading gold to/from Latin America, the culture/environment, first hand knowledge from their experience within NTR, Republic, etc. or business done with.

Most importantly, I would like to give those former NTR and Republic Metal employees directly or indirectly involved opportunity to speak to get perspective, regardless if they want to admit or deny anything. I honestly don't care much for judging anyone personally, my goal is to illuminate the story at hand, allowing those involved (on both sides) to speak, and letting the viewer decide for themselves. While it is a fact there has been catastrophic wrongdoings from illegal goal mining that stretches from money laundering, child labor, deforestation, sex trafficking. etc. there are untold angles to this issue that the general public needs to understand besides relying on the overwhelming articles.

If you are interested or have a lead you'd like to share, please feel free to email:

Thank you so much!

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