Change is inevitable . . . resistance is futile! 😜

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May 24, 2013
Are you kidding me??? Trekkies!

I named my third child Tiberius James. If u don’t know what I am talking about ....then resistance REALLY is futile!! Lol


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Oct 30, 2015
Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Rachel, I guess that is your name🤔

You know we are all kinds of generations, nationalities and cultures here, so our reference to the world may be completely different from yours.
That do not mean we or you are right or wrong, just different.

You have guessed it, the phrase carry little meaning from my view of the world, other than giving some sense to this madness.
But after digging a bit in my memory together with your trekkie phrase something emerged 😉

And I totally agree. Resisting the future(change) are not only futile, it is and always will be a losing battle.

What we should and will do is fight to form and stear the future the way we want.

Even that, may or may not be futile 😁

Regards Per-Ove

Heavily redacted after some consideration.
Edited again to adjust statement.

As you guys understand it is sometimes hard to get the nuances right, even more so when it's not your primary language, so please bear over with me.😱

Where is my signature!!!!!
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