Dose any one know how Google works?


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Feb 8, 2011
I would for you if i was home.

If you have an extra cell phone you dont mind doing data factory resets on, you could use that.

Connect to a wifi and make a fake email, gmail, hotmail etc. Forward the email to your fake email address and and open it that way.



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Feb 16, 2016
justinhcase said:
No, the account seems to be intact and only my one email is still in use.
Usually the first thing an intruder with do is try and lock you out of your own account.
This seems to be an outside attack using false reporting at the least and possibly a manipulation of routing instructions.
To be honest, I do not really know or how to work it out.
I did really urine off some Indian phone scammers who were continually calling my trading line five to ten times a day, they seemed to stop when I started offering a reward for information that would lead to their employers arrest after years of harassment.
That would be the only people I am aware of who would have the man power for a brut force attack like this.
But one of my most endearing talents is being able to urine off dishonest and narcissistic individuals from a great distance with very little effort, so who can tell, It might be more local competition, I would like to know but have no way of telling.

I wish I could help you beyond this:
Per the highlighted, the idiot cons do that. Smart ones will sit and wait until the time is right to strike, or until they have found information that is of value to them.
I.E. my dumb arse sister in law literally gave one of those phone scammers ALL her information... she 'swore it was legit'. Well, 3 months later when her tax return came in, it was in her account for 2 whole minutes before *poof*, up and gone like a fart in the wind.
-what really got me on that whole ordeal, is her bank covered her losses! Even though it was ONLY because of her ignorance and negligence...she basically handed it to them..

Anway. Maybe you can pin point the start timeframe a little better and get a better idea of who may be stealing your pie.

Goodluck my friend

Edit to add: crypto is non anonymous..everything is recorded on the blockchain, once it is, it is written in stone. Cannot be manipulated or anything. However... there are some crypto that offer truly anonymous transactions by shuffling funds through 1 times generated wallet addresses and eventually get to the end..
Monero is a big one. "In no one we trust" is their one-liner.
Another one, a newer one, I cant recall off top. ..but yah, right now the crypto exchanges are wanting to play nice w them government folk, so they dont tax them to death in new legislation, or straight up "ban" them (vpn, anyone?)

...personally, I think bitcoin is overrated. Ethereum is wayyy too fee heavy. I got my money on AVAX and BSC (through trustwallet, of course)