iron ore containing rhodium and palladium

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Dec 6, 2021
Cool I will try that now that a have a good bit to try with. I know a couple said XRF was bad about giving false readings. I'm not saying they don't but ...the model that I used which wasn't mine was like a 30,000 dollar tool...... you would think it wouldn't give false readings, and I had it done by 2 different people like 5 days apart. Same tool but....just seems very unlikely for me to get same exact results using a 30000 dollar this thread really about me confirming to the umpteenth degree I have rhodium ore, or wasn't I asking how to just get the rhodium out.... just sayin, let's assume that the rf wasn't there any affordable way I can process this? Myself preferably, or time efficient manner I can process it? Do I just grind it all and pan it all? I do thank yall for the advice on assassins and such. But assuming it comes out as positive again, next step?
I hope you have come to a conclusion so far, however I suggest you to analyse this ore with ICP, and also a chemical method named stannous chloride test it might be hard to dissolve rhodium, so find an specialist. Don't forget that 10% rh is much, so don't give much of it to labs.