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William Harwood

New member
Nov 19, 2023
Hi everyone,

Name is preacher. I have always been into prospecting for gold but until recently it has been a once or twice a year thing. Upon hitting a good little patch I ventured as to how to go from gold to cash. First thing I did was bought a little one burner furnace kit and started smelting. Boy was I in for a surprise. I had no clue it was so scientific until my first melt. Instantly I was hooked. I have successfully smelted one run and have about half a pitcher of stuff i had learned from. I hope to gain more knowledge and hopefully be able to learn some ways to do this cheaper. Financially I can't afford to be the high mighty buyer.. thanks everyone for having me and let's get melting!


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Aug 3, 2014
Netherlands, Zeeland
I Have a whole bunch bookmarked. but another eyeopener and must read imo is: