New (ish) member... Where are my manners....

Sep 28, 2021
Hi Guys,

Really sorry, I have jumped in and posted some stuff on here without actually introducing myself.

I'm Richard, from Leeds in the UK.

I've been interested in the refining are for some time now but only due to the covid-19 lockdowns did I get any chance to do anything about my interests. I have a furnace, which I got for smelting aluminium, but seems also suitable to melting other pieces into bars for use in cells.

I took the name Sancho n Pedro, who were the main characters on a children's TV program back in the eighties called "Lost city of Gold", and thought it would be appropriate, as there are so many areas that can be explored with this whole refining hobby.

Most my scrap comes from e-scrap (hard drives, laptops, PC's and various routers, old VHS video records etc), but also from automotive scrap, which I get from a mechanic friend. Seems nobody looks at the various relays etc in a car and they get thrown into the trash when they are replaced, so I have asked him to keep a hold of these for me. He also passes on various items with motors arms etc with lots of copper available for me, so will continue to horde the bits that I feel will be of use, and scrap the others such as brake disks, clutches etc.

Anyway, my next project is having another good read through the Hokes "guide to the galaxy" as it is very interesting and has reignited my interest in chemistry (which I actually dropped as a student in favour of Physical Education, much to the annoyance of the chemistry teacher as I was one of the top students back then).

Thanks for all the feedback on my original posts, and all the advise is correct, I need to read more (one trip through Hoke's masterclass is not enough), although I think I must have read the first two chapters close to 10 times as I just have the e-book and do prefer paper copies (if anyone has any available, let me know).

Thanks guys

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