Processing SilverPlate With H2O Cell

Sep 28, 2021
So, I connected to an auction last week and saw what looked like an antique grain grinder, and was going to sell for £8, I bid and got it for £9. The grinder looks to need a bit of a repair before I can use it, but buried under the other junk items were two large ladles. At first glace they looked stainless steel (probably why nobody was interested), but they were actually plated. They're both "chipped" or "pitted" so won't get used in our house, but are ideal candidates for my H2O cell (although not sure I can fit the head into it, might look at a wider "plastic" vessel to do that?).

The plating on these looks really thick as seen in the 3rd pic (circled where it has a chip), and I'd estimate the head about 10cm x 8cm with the length about 30cm. I recon these will give as much silver alone as what I have collected from the previous batch of forks, spoon, knives, going by the gap in the plate that exposes the base metal.

I'll weigh all the black powder once it's dried to show what has been gained from these, and will keep the weight separate from that of the previous post so I can see if my estimates are anywhere close... Will keep you guys posted on the progress, as I am just waiting on the other lot drying off.


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