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Jan 17, 2008
Given the health climate of the world today i've been developing a new silver based product and delivery system for the last two years. It is not colloidal silver, tho it does utilize nano products. The delivery system is the real benefit, tho at this point i can't say more. 100% ALL NATURAL, NOT a medical product, but a supplement. What i would be interested in hearing is anyone who has any input as to the medical benefits of silver. Personal experiences, stories, research, complaints, failures, successes, interactions, adverse reactions, rules, laws, sales, distribution, marketing, any and all things and experiences connected to silver or silver products good or bad. I need some people to play devil's advocate!

You know me, i get bored and have to find a new field to play in! :mrgreen:

stella polaris

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Sep 11, 2018
If its nano silver in your product it might be dangerous for the enviroment. This by its ability to kill micro organismes as bacteria.


May 9, 2021
Dear Palladium,

I wiil try to make this short, besides from taking apart PC`s, I dont really like them.

Ehmm... Because of wanting to store a large amount of currency into something that would hopefully retain its value, I ended up with buying silver as from 2017 onwards.
The first few buys were from a coin dealer.
With me having quite a broad field of interest, I asked this dealer if he might have additional information about silver;
pro`s/con`s, and if he could provide me with information about metallurgy in general, me just being curious.
He could not or wasn`t willing to.

So, 1st thing I did was to read in encyclopedia`s, and I found out;
That in the days of the wooden ships; it was the 1st officer who was responsible for the overall spectrum of the ships crew.
So, for health benefits, it was him who would add some silver coins toghether with a tad bit of salt into the freshwater barrels.
This combination would cause the coins to slightly oxidise, it`s the silver oxide that terminates most bad bacteria and fungi/mold.

Also in the encyclopedia is there a mention of silver being the working component in at least two anti cancer medicines.
Also; some form of silver is being used somehow in the production process for numerous medicines.
Also; people from days past knew the health benefit of using silver cutlery.
Also; taking in too much silver will make the skin turn slightly gray.

From a National Geographic magazine;
In India it is not unkommon to wrap certain medicines in an ultra thin foil of silver.
I can not recall any more health related info from this magazine at this moment, presently I`m in mandatory quarantine because of
my work, which brings me across europe, asia and the US.

If you are willing, when I get back home I can look through this magazine for ya?
I know where it is, so for me no hassle here.

Personal experiences with silver;
With me being somewhat special in combination of having read about the silver oxide part;
I tried if my skin would absorb such material, so for about 1 year; I started with 20 silver eagles in my bed, and ended my experiment with
20 eagles and an aditional 100 silver kangaroos.
No discernable health advance, but going to bed was less cold. Returning in bed after a short toilet visit was cosily warm though.

But what I continue nowadays is occasionally taking an oxidised coin into my mouth and slobber it off.
I`m truly confinced that silver oxide must be healthy to some extent.

In your topic description you ask for several insights from people amongst which; rules/laws.

Most certainly in most western countries, you will not be allowed to sell such a product if it were for application through
skin absorption or indigestion, un less you were to team up with an exsisting seller, butt this you probably knew already.

In any case, if you were to actually start with selling a product based on the health benefits of silver,
good chance I will be one of your returning customers.

I hope to have been able to inform you somewhat?
Let me know if you`d like me to look over the magazine.




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Sep 14, 2009
Ralph as greener has mentioned silver has been used for cutlery for the wealthy for years same as eating vessels because as again greener said silver kills bacteria, it was also used extensively for medical instruments for many years for the same reasons.
I have no idea if internal consumption of silver is safe or not or has any medical benefit, perhaps speak to some doctors and get a consensus of opinion on the subject.
With today’s litigious population I’d be careful selling anything that could be blamed for anything that could occur :(


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Jun 5, 2018
What is known as "Colloidal" Silver has had a large following in alternative medicine here for a long time.
The people that use it swear by it but I have observed that ingestion of quantities for a long period of time will turn the person's skin a deathly blue/grey.

Cheers Wal

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