Silver Cell Electrolyte Worksheet

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Dec 21, 2020
After reading the forum and struggling to find some information, i stumbled upon a video from a user on here Palladium regarding when a silver electrolyte is depleted and you risk co-precipitation based off of Copper in solution.

I understand that there are more contaminants in addition to CU that are possible. However for the home user who processes mostly sterling i figure this will probably be the main contaminant.

Since i didn't find something similar, I made this spreadsheet to help understand.

There are 4 editable cells.

Copper threshold where you can adjust your desired copper threshold, i set this at 50 based off of the consensus i found of 40-60 g/l. But you can adjust it.

Electrolyte quantity where you input the quantity of the electrolyte

Dissolved AG quantity, where you input the amount of AG you used to make your solution.

Safety margin where you dictate a percentage of safety in the final numbers.

Adjusting any of the numbers will give you a theoretical yield of silver able to be processed before the electrolyte is depleted based off of copper concentration.

Critiques are welcome of course and if i got anything wrong please let me know and ill correct it.

I thought this could be of use to some of us home refiners. Hope this helps!

View attachment Silver Cell Electrolyte Worksheet.xlsx

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