Taking one humble step ahead


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May 18, 2020
Hello Forum,

I took last couple of months to take a deep breath, revise in details what I learned in the last two years of prepping, and making notes of the errors, mistakes, messes, and feedback you guys provided.

I have managed to process what should be my stock pool (15x 5 gallon buckets with a lot of mess and tentative I messed up,), processed and transported to the city official toxic waste plant.

The pregnant solutions I took my time refining by the book, and precipitated with Cu, all PGM solids are separated in 30g vials for tears dining.

I dedicated special.time on gold. Even though I estimated to have lost 25% of total, I managed to precipitate and triple refine ~4g of gold, which makes me feel accomplished.

I have one 4.5ozt and one 3.5toz silver bars. Have to fix my furnace.

I am halfway through processing filter papers and mess clean up wipes. Since I feel stronger I have 5 batches patiently running in parallel. For these I am applying either HCL with Bleach, or HCL with H2O2. Beautiful. Even more with patience and procedure. Seems scientific magical even 😊

Have a brand new pack of Stannous Chloride salt from Science Company so that I can always have fresh test solution along each step.

In summary, an abridged list of my top mistakes or sins. These are at the root of all mess I made.
- Excess Nitric
- Too much too diluted solutions
- Patience, or lack of, to follow the processes I learned with discipline
- Lack of respect for my own journals where I detail each batch, make estimates, etc

Most of all, thank you guys. Your patience, feedback and toughness helped me BIG TIME

I consider myself graduated in Silver, doing my residency in PGM and Au.

My next goal is to learn about Iridium, Rhodium, I am assuming there are traces plus a bucket full of spark plugs my son gave me, leaving aside for later though.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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