Various telecom/mil boards/cpus complete

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Sep 22, 2020
Hello new Frens I was wondering if anyone here might be interested in buying some high quality telecom/military grade boards they have ceramic processors on boards still. My shop was destroyed in a fire last month so nearly everything was incinerated, you can easily pull apart the foils from the organic material the that make up the boards by hand. I have Tons of this stuff so I want to sell it by the /lb, any interested parties please message me with an offer. I know what I have here so please make your offers fair and I will consider them. Trying to free up some cash to open up another shop, at which time I will not be selling anymore as I will process it myself. So get it while you can it is all mil hardware/telecom equipment from 70’s and 80s. Very high yield stuff some boards have 6 ceramic intel 386 cpus pictures are just a sample of what’s there many have a mix of gold cap ic chips/EPROMs all fingers and plating are still there. I will make sure any who buy some get their money’s well worth. This is not stuff that typically would be available to most! Let’s make a deal!


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Mar 30, 2016
Northern California
I'd like to purchase any pieces of gold plating such as fingers, CPUs and IC chips etc etc. However I'm not good at pricing these things so whatever that average price is being offered I can match whatever's fair my friend. I have no intention of lowballing you or anyone else so I feel more comfortable if you just gave me a price and if I can afford it I'll buy it if not I will pass. A private message you and you can send me pictures of items I'm looking for the circuit boards are covered with gold whatever those are called I'm willing to purchase as well. Get back to me