need advice on smoke cage for acid vapours

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Jan 20, 2023
İzmir - Turkei
I'm to work in a closed circuit to protect myself from metal salts and harmful acid fumes while refining metals in a laboratory environment. For this purpose, I theoretically considered the following design:
I plan to build a rectangular platform, in the middle of which I will place a round disc, covered with protective plastic around the perimeter, so that two arms can enter. This disc will be perforated to cover the intervention area extending inwards.

I plan to drill a hole in the top of the platform to release nitrogen gas, which will be used to eliminate the oxygen in the environment, especially to prevent osmium from forming tetraoxide. In the second stage, I plan to drill a hole under the platform and connect a hose to it. This hose will be connected to 7 closed 2000 ml beakers in a parallel system and these beakers will be filled with 50% pure water and 50-70% phosphoric acid (H3PO4). (Osmium dissolves in phosphoric acid).

My theory is as follows: Mine slag residue usually contains osmium at concentrations ranging from 4 to 20 per cent. In the next step, I aim to remove some unwanted metals from the environment with HCl and H2SO4. I aim to recover metal salts in an oxygen-free environment. In this context, I need information and suggestions from experienced experts working on platinum group metals such as "LOU".

Yours sincerely.