removing gold from tungston crucible

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Thank you. I usually simply roast and pan out the shaker table cons. However intriguing the AR path seemed, I was not too confident in succeeding. It all seemed to be a risky experiment, but it worked out. I used. HCl & Sodium Nitrate, sulfamic acid, Stump out, stanous test a bunch of coffee filters.
Thank you for your response.
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Wasn't the answer in this thread to deal with gold+ tungsten mix plain AR?
I mean you have powder from gold ore... So you can treat it with warm hcl to get rid of junk and base metal first. Edit: siphon/decant that (if its settled)
Then go straight for AR adding drops of nitric while heating solution until no reaction occurs.

Tungsten passivates... Gold dissolves.
As long as you dont let it cement out on tungsten (which i dont know if that would happen... I am just being extra cautios), and filter the AR solution after no more reaction occurs on heat + the nitric drops.
I am begginer so after that i would try adding fresh AR to insolubels after washing them and I would look for presence of gold with stannous chloride and see if I got all of it out of the concentrate.

Others can correct me if I am wrong or if I didnt thought of something important.
Just trying to answer you as I am begginer, so lets wait for mods to give their opinion.
Yes, there seemed a tiny cementing while decanting. Initially, I suspected perhaps excess Sodium…, but now that you mention it, I think it was the finer fraction of tungsten powder which passed through the quadruple coffee filter array.
Much Appreciation!