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Fundamentals of Platinum and Palladium DVD 4-Sale

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Well-known member
Feb 27, 2007

I've finally finished my PGMs DVD

'Fundamentals of Processing Platinum and Palladium'

after a full year of hard work on the bugger.

If anyone is interested in a copy, email your name and address to me at [email protected] for an invoice.

The DVDs sell for $25 each plus shipping. Typical shipping fees are $6 for US orders and $12 for international orders. Some international areas have higher rates (blame the Post Office, not me). If you need any other smaller items from my website, I can try and squeeze them into the same flat rate envelope with the DVD.

The content of the DVD is as follows:

Chapter 1: Harvesting a Catalytic Converter
Chapter 2: A. Extracting Catalytic Beads with AR; B. Extracting a Catalytic Honeycomb with HCl-Cl
Chapter 3: Recovery of the mixed PGM powder using Zinc
Chapter 4: Separation of the the mixed PGM powder
Chapter 5: A. Precipitation of the Pt salt; B. Precipitation of the Pd salt
Chapter 6: Incineration of the Salts
Chapter 7: Melting PGMs

The total play time of the DVD is 1 hour an 34 minutes, including credits and chapter transitions. Included are several techniques on filtering, testing, and preparing the various PGM powders and solutions.

I sent for mine today, what's everybody else waiting for?
Its got to be the best investment if you are interested in
recovering PGM's an converters. I can't wait to see it.
Great video Steve!
Nice work.....:)

I especially liked watching the precipitation of pt and pd.
And your method of final filtering.

Not to mention that beautiful platinum bead you melt up.......good stuff!
Great job!
I just got my order of all 3 of the dvd's and watched them all in one long sitting. They are all great and well worth the money. I highly recomend everyone, especially newbies, get yourself a copy of any or all of them if you can spare the money. $25 bucks a piece isn't really that much for the education you will get from watching them and for me, and most likely many of you, seeing something done is much better than just reading about it. They answered a lot of the questions I had on how to do the processes I have been reading about on this forum.

Let's all encourage Lazersteve to keep making this information available by ordering his dvds. He obviously spent a great deal of time and money to make the dvd's and spends a lot of time answering everyones questions and a good way to encourage him to continue would be to order a dvd or three. You won't be sorry you did.
The PGM DVD is worth the wait.
Thanks again. Everybody thinking
of getting it, just go for it, you won't
be sorry.
Hello Steve.

Earlier this summer I had done a test run on honeycomb in a test tube. I had a nice yellow faintly orange solution. When I realized I had no idea where to go from there I put it in a jar and set it aside.

Now that I have watched your video I feel confident I have enough information to proceed with these cats. I do see I am quite short of equipment though. I'll do some shopping over the winter.

Excellent work on the video. There is a big difference in reading about a process and seeing it. Thanks for your efforts.

Steve, great lesson on refining Pt. I sat through the entire DVD. If I only had this 20 years ago when I first looked into Pt and cats.

Steve, recieved the PGM DVD, had trouble with my dvd player on tv, but took it to another player on a computer, and it worked great, and I can get some nice pointers for processing from it, I finally seen what the charmin plug was, that has been baffleing me for a long time, what a great Idea, now as soon as I get a dvd player on my computer so i can sit back and enjoy it Ill be happy,
Thank you so much for the work you do to help people in this hobby.
and Guys buy one help steve keep his sight going, also pick up good pointers processing or learn to process PGM's, even if just for the education you cant go wrong. :D
Were you able to receive my order? Think I read someone write there was a problem logging on to your website, although I haven't had any.

John Morgan
No sweat, probably where I belong anyway...spam folder, trash can, looney bin...

Sent what you requested back to you, or rather your SPAM folder...lol
Thanks so much for sending me all that stuff Steve. I really appreciate the extra effort you went to so it would all fit in the flatrate pack. Every little bit helps & lord knows postage piecemeal is expensive!

Wow, that had to be one of the most interesting and easy to follow videos I've ever seen. Can't tell you how much fun it was for me. I joined this forum a year or so ago and have been reading and reading and stockpiling so I can give it a whirl myself pretty soon. Don't really know if I'll ever even give PGM's a try or not but, I'll tell you what...I truly feel I probably could after watching that.

Man, it was truly entertaining...better than the movies!!

Thanks again,
Sent in the order a couple days ago, just wanna see if you got it or have just been busy. I know sometimes my emails go into spam folders :wink:


I've got the order. You'll be getting an invoice by tomorrow morning. I've been busy processing some scrap for another member.

Sorry about the delays.

lazersteve said:

I've got the order. You'll be getting an invoice by tomorrow morning. I've been busy processing some scrap for another member.

Sorry about the delays.


All good!
Payment sent 8)
Alsom the address is 65, not 165. I'll send you an email as well :wink:

Thanks again Steve!
Great DVD Steve, well worth every penny for the knowledge gained. I had read about most of those processes, but seeing it and having it explained perfectly is all the better. Can't wait to try my first cat, to atleast the mixed PGM stage 8)

To anyone thinking about buying it... stop thinking about it and just buy it! You will not be sorry! :wink:
hello~ steve,

Everybody says your DVD is Great.
I 'm also looking forward to seeing that.
I know you are busy but I'd like to get it quickly.

thanks. :D


Your prices are very reasonable. Your shipping was very prompt, and well packed. By the way would you like your packageing back? , next time I order something from you, which I will.

I am very satisfied all around, which is a great change from prior purchases from lesser EBAY sellers.

Can't wait to start useing my mini-oven as well. Woohoo!

Thanks Again,
Nick :D