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I recently became interested in the gold refining processes and stumbled on this forum which has been very informational. I had to create a profile in order to download hokes book so here I am.
Welcome to us.
Her is some study material including the forum rules.

We ask our new members to do 3 things.
1. Read C.M. Hokes book on refining jewelers scrap, it gives an easy introduction to the most important chemistry regarding refining.
It is free here on the forum: https://goldrefiningforum.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=19798
2. Then read the safety section of the forum: https://goldrefiningforum.com/forums/safety.47/
3. And then read about "Dealing with waste" in the forum: https://goldrefiningforum.com/threads/dealing-with-waste.10539/

Suggested reading:

Forum rules is here.
What kind of material are you planning to refine?
Preferably gold powder from ore. I live near some old mines in Arizona and recently found out that gold can be microscopic naturally however, panning the ultra fine gold is next to impossible. I don't want to use mercury or cyanide to leach so next best idea is poor man's AR or HCL/bleach. I have 20 percent muriatic and I'm not sure if it's strong enough. I also plan to recycle pcbs of all types. I've collected all sorts of pcbs from everything that has one from CPUs to kitchen appliances to smartphones to children's toys from the 90s. My goal with those pcbs is to recover any gold and silver. Everything else is a bonus.

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