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Dec 27, 2021
Hey, thanks for the responce...I have a dremel and 4 in. grinder left over stuff from when the world was young and I was a welder, full set of diamond cut off blades, a ton of stuff for the dremel, and a tile saw, but I located a small rig with grinders, saw and polisher,may someday anyhow I have to work with what I got. Wire wrapping and jewlery HA! West coast right, and mexico. well .450 karats is $50 now...5 karats to make 1 g. wow, so the arthitis is in my hands and mainly thumb so I am trying to supplement ssi with something. I am not sure about investing in that. I uploaded some pics of the ore, did you see? I had bought some from a guy who has a florite mine close to me and it looked exactly the same as what I have, so I dont know what a fire assay cost maybe $60 If ya'll insist I will, but what is that they put it in a crusible and burn it? I don't know but I dont want to get something toxic. Thanks agail buddy.


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Mar 10, 2013
"It won't pan" Finally, a topic I can contribute to. Yes, it will pan - if there. The secret is classification - ie screen it into lots of the same physical size. You want to screen out stuff that is bigger than the gold, and stuff smaller than the gold. If the gold is 'free milling' then a particle size range of 10x centered on the size of the gold is standard. Generally though, and if the gold is encased/embedded a smaller size range is better. You can take a brute force approach to classification or seek a less labor intensive approach such as screening to a fine size to start and work down from there. Based on what you it seems likely the gold is 'fine'.

Another approach would be to fashion a crude Miller Table (look it up), and start with the smallest fines and work up in classified size. Regardless, in any gravity separation, classification is key to not loosing values.


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Nov 10, 2021
Never inquart with copper if you have silver. It uses three times more nitric to digest.
To get the most out of acids, you could inquart with sterling silver, and by doing so, recovering the silver and the gold in one go.
This is something that I know. I was trying not to overcomplicate the post and didn't want to make him feel like had to go out and buy some sterling.
I recover all my nitric used up in inquartation-based recoveries, so it's not really an issue for me.


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Feb 8, 2022
Burlington, IA, United States
OK let me explain, I made AR the right method, HCL 1st the added nitric little by little until everything is dissolved and I keep it at 80c. Also I had a couple of filters in with the gold. It was getting late so I turn off the heat and let the solution cool overnight and went back to it after work. I looked at the solution and it was a dark brown with the filters on the bottom disintegrated, I mix the solution and realized there was gold flakes still undissolved, the solution was dark brown and opaque with lots of small gold specks though it. so I did this.

1. I Tried to get rid of the filter material with a metal strainer, but realized that I could not do it cuz it was catching too much of the gold solution
2. Rinsed the strainer with water and clean it so all material is back in the solution
3. I had a lot of solution so I boiled it to concentrated a bit
4. Added fresh HCL 200 ml
5. Added Nitric Little by Little, like 50 ml

At this point some of the gold specs where not gone all the way, so what did I do? I kept adding nitric (embarrassed in how much like 25-30ml) 5ml at a time, and still not all sparkly stuff would not dissolved. then I added more fresh HCL about 200ml and more nitric (another 25-50ml, 5ml at a time). Long story made short I had too much Nitric and still sparkly stuff, so I decide to filter and drop the gold

So I put a tiny amount of smb to drop the gold and it was like a grade school science fair project, ya know the one with the volcano and baking soda with vingar. Thank goodness I was being carful and only put a little smb. Ok, with all that being said I know I made lots of mistakes with this one, but this was not my 1st extraction and purification. So that being said, I know uera is for my garden and should stay the heck away from my gold extraction lab but it was late and I was desperate and I did have it around for my garden, I have never had to use it before because I always have been careful about how much HN03 I used. So I used urea :( and in order to get rid of all NH03 and I had to use alot of it :( :(. Finally the smb didnt fizz so much so I was able to use it to drop my gold. Then I left it over night, when the gold settled. well, I grew a crystal garden. So before I go and mess it up even more I thought I would share it with you guys and see what you think

BTW I will use the as a learning lesson so please dont beat me up too bad. Also there is a lot of gold powder under those crystals
I've done it had it every