Sulphuric cell.

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What were you deplating and how long did you leave it in the cell to deplate the material? I don't think the concentration of the acid is what caused your copper build up.
Yes, but the low concentration won't help. I am sure the advice already given is right, that the current was limited to too high a value.

The material I have accumulated is a pile of gold plated Bluetooth stub antennas. The plastic covers rip right off the nut; the steel antenna wire pulls out with pliers. I was only able to deplate about a dozen before my adjustable 40V 5A power supply spat the dummy. I built it 25 years ago from scratch using a magazine design and it has been brilliant until Sunday.

Each test set of 3 was in probably < 5 mins. I was expecting < 10 mins. Some still look like they should run a little longer. I left each set in until they looked like the gold plating was gone or until the current dropped off significantly, however the latter may have been caused by the power supply starting to fail. I really don't know. No more cell work for me until I dig up a 30 year old circuit diagram for an ETI163.
Here is the company I use to buy my copper mesh. They also carry a lot of other hard to find items.

Just type in "copper mesh" in their search box and you'll find what you need.

You can purchase a piece as small as 12"x12" or as large as you want.


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