iron ore containing rhodium and palladium

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Dec 6, 2021
Cool I will try that now that a have a good bit to try with. I know a couple said XRF was bad about giving false readings. I'm not saying they don't but ...the model that I used which wasn't mine was like a 30,000 dollar tool...... you would think it wouldn't give false readings, and I had it done by 2 different people like 5 days apart. Same tool but....just seems very unlikely for me to get same exact results using a 30000 dollar this thread really about me confirming to the umpteenth degree I have rhodium ore, or wasn't I asking how to just get the rhodium out.... just sayin, let's assume that the rf wasn't there any affordable way I can process this? Myself preferably, or time efficient manner I can process it? Do I just grind it all and pan it all? I do thank yall for the advice on assassins and such. But assuming it comes out as positive again, next step?
I hope you have come to a conclusion so far, however I suggest you to analyse this ore with ICP, and also a chemical method named stannous chloride test it might be hard to dissolve rhodium, so find an specialist. Don't forget that 10% rh is much, so don't give much of it to labs.

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Oct 30, 2022
I recently thought i found gold, i had it XRF scanned and it returned 80-90% Fe and 10-20% Rh (avg from 5 rocks) it also had a very small amount of palladium. I did not know what RH was so i aid damn and took my rocks home, then a dy later i read how valuable Rh is and what Rh is. And i remembered the scans, i did not trust the scans to be done by the same person, and knowing the mind can trick itself i had the scans done a 2nd time on same rocks. so i schedules scans for a different person and he got the same results.

i have more of these rocks many more almost identical to the ones i had problem is i can find anyone who will process the ore. But i have double verified by XRF scanner good amounts of Rh. one of the rocks weight 20 pounds alone. so if it has 10%...2 lbs, thats half a million dollars right? So here i am sitting on possibly millions, and i cant get it out of the rock?? Ive called several so called noble metal refineries, none will/can do it.
This thread seems to have ended some time ago but I couldn't help but notice the common errors made by many with XRF tests. You may or may not have any Rh in your ore. There are many minerals and compounds that mask other elements in XRF shots.

We use XRF shots on literally hundreds of samples each year but their purpose is only as indicators of minerals in the ore. We do very complex assays of mineral deposits suspect of containing economic values of PGMs. For individuals not equipped or experienced in these processes we recommend using a competent laboratory to have your ore tested. We have had good results from HAZEN in Colorado. But there are several other companies out there.

We recommend you have a semi-quantitative assay done and then consider the more advanced tests and assays if results are favorable. It can be expensive to have all the tests done that are needed to prove the content of precious metal in your ore and a good method of extraction to collect a refinable product.

There are no shortcuts in this industry. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Good Luck...


Dec 25, 2022
We have stocks of Platinum ore concentrate in Turkey.
Pt%8 Rh%4 Os%4 plus palladium Silver and carbon steel.
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